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Thread Tracking

Going to try keeping a record of my threads again.

[DATE] - Linked Description (chars involved) - notes, witty things

Tower of Animus

[01/28/12] - Clocktower Substitutes (Shion, Riku [OU], Ventus, Naminé, Zexion [AU], Link [OU OoT/MM]) - Xion's arrival post; All the feelings. All the awkward.

[02/05/12] - Meeting Estelle (Estelle) - She's gonna meet a lot of people this month I can tell
[02/06/12] - Meeting Ghirahim (Ghirahim) - Half-Disney girl spies textbook villain. This cannot end well in the long term.
[02/06/12] - Meeting Keyku (Riku [AU]) - AUs are very confusing things. Especially in Kingdom Hearts where there are already more facetwins than you can shake a stick at
[02/07/12] - Meeting a Goddess (Izanami)
[02/10/12] - Learning about AUs (Riku [OU]) Wittier description forthcoming
[02/12/12] - Incoming Heartbreak (Roxas) In which Xion finally finds her best friend and Gorse shamelessly emulates scenes from 358/2 Days
[02/19/12] - Dat Blizzard pt.1 (Naminé, Ienzo [OU], Riku [AU], Riku [OU], France [OU]) Being under-dressed KH female is suffering (And Xion's one of the least under-dressed in the series)
[02/25/12] - Dat Blizzard pt. 2 (Naminé, Zexion [AU], Sora [OU], Sora [AU], Riku [AU], Ventus, Riku [OU]) KH Bonfire/cuddlepile thing - Xion follows some of the advice from her network post, gets pinned down by Zexion, and finally meets Sora (both of them actually) And Gorse uses Zalgo text for the first time and tags just about EVERYONE
[02/29/12] - Ocarina Music (Link [OU OoT/MM]) Xion goes to get something cold to eat, ends up getting sidetracked
[02/29/12] - Spectating (Naminé [sort of]) - Xion tries to talk to a dead Naminé during Hitori Kakurenbo (a.k.a. hide and seek from hell); It does not do good things to her mental state

[03/01/12] - Oh You Kids (Sora [OU], Riku [AU], addendum Riku [OU]) - Three kids try to save their friends from hide-and-seek from hell by storming through the Tower. In the middle of the night. With monsters everywhere. Three guesses how this turns out. Later: Next day they get together again and find Riku in the library; all the tacklehugs were had.
[03/04/12] - ...Blindfold? (Ventus [AU]) - And Xion thought her life was bad. Then she met this poor kid.
[03/04/12] - Dropping Things (Shion) Having your dominant arm in a sling utterly sucks.
[03/06/12] - Meeting Reno (Reno) - Xion meets the person Axel is pretty much an expy of. Big brother figure get (?)
[03/06/12] - Therapy Session #1 (Yu Narukami) - Xion meets a Persona protag. Gorse already has her Arcana figured out.
[03/06/12] - Not Broken (Vanitas) - Vanitas pushes Xion's buttons and then nearly shoves her off the Tower. Then Sora was the best person-I'm-born-from ever. Let's hope she doesn't have a fear of heights after this
[03/07/12] - Ohai there Face-original (Kairi [OU]) - Xion looks into a mirror. Only not
[03/08(ish)/12] Keyblade Masters (Aqua [OU]) - Xion learns there's a lot more to Keyblade-weilding than she thought. And might be getting lessons soon.
[03/11(ish)/12] - Ghosts of the Past (Riku [OU]) - Xion meets Riku, though she doesn't realize it, given that he kiiiinda thinks he's an amnesiac apprentice and looks like a guy who talks too much about darkness.
[03/11/12] - Oh dear... (Axel) - Xion meets Axel, who doesn't seem to remember mostly. Then there is a communications misfire of epic proportions and Axel has a panic attack. Hopefully the rest of their CR will go better.
[03/17/12] - I'll Face Myself - Literally (Xion [AU]) - Xion gets her own double. Not sure what to do.
[03/19/12] - STRANGER DANGER (Master Xehanort [OU]) - Xion meets the mastermind behind everything in the series ever. Gorse sobs over how oblivious she is and how badly wrong this could go.
[03/25/12] - Seeking Answers (Ventus [OU], Naminé, Riku [AU]) - Xion looks for answers as to why people keep seeing her as Ven. She then takes up an interest in sewing.
[03/25/12] - And Then there Were Three (Terra) - Xion meets the last of the BBS Trio. Thankfully she's a bit more equipped to deal with any identity mixups this time.
[03/27/12] - Party ti- oops. (Yu Narukami, Reno, possibly others) - Gorse is tempted into delaying her hiatus and Xion goes into a sleep coma in the middle of a room full of people.

On April 6th, the comatose Xion was kidnapped during her collar checkup by Vanitas for use in a plot that will eventually pull out Ven's darkness.
[04/08/12] Rescue Log (Sora [OU], Axel, Riku [OU], Riku [AU], Xion [AU] technically Ventus [OU], Vanitas, Master Xehanort, Aqua, Namine (?) and Terra) - Half the party goes to rescue Xion, the other goes to witness Ven getting heart traumaed and commence a beatdown on Vanitas.
[04/08/12] Solace with Friends (Axel) - Axel and Xion talk after he gets her away from ground zero of her kidnapping and all the fighting associated with it.
[04/11/12] Long-Overdue Talks (Riku [OU]) - As the title implies, it's time for a long-overdue chat with Riku about All the Things
[04/17/12] Not Wonderland (Master Xehanort) - Xion draws parallels between Floor 29 and Wonderland and finds out Xehanort can see her face now
[04/19/12] Aftermaths (Yu Narukami, Sora [OU], Dolorosa, Master Xehanort, Aqua, Reno, Shion, Ventus [OU], Ventus [AU]) - ... a lot of stuff happens. No really, a lot of stuff happens
[04/22/12] Tangled Up (Squall "Leon" Leonhart) - Xion meets Leon and questions her loyalties to the Organization
[04/24/12] Meeting Luke (Luke fon Fabre [OU]) - Xion meets another replica (not that she knows it) and Gorse entertains thoughts of her OTP

Memes & Things

This Xion account is involved in a PSL with [personal profile] fabrecation, which has its own separate thread tracking.

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