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Animus CR Chart

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Best Friend





derping / ou.

Sora is... more than words can every really describe, for Xion. The person she came from. Like a big brother. One of the people she cares about most in the world and whom she would quite happily throw herself off the Tower for. She never got to meet him at home, but here they've managed to forge a closer bond than she would ever have believed possible. It's not all perfect though - Xion has trouble trusting some of her deeper thoughts and feelings to Sora, because she knows he just won't be able to understand them - most particularly, the feeling that she'd rather stay in the Tower, because back home she has trouble feeling like she can escape her fate, even if he asked her to. Still, beyond that she trusts him with anything, and she's more than glad that she was able to meet him, and wouldn't trade the bond they now share for anything - in the Tower or beyond it.

justabignobody / ou.

To Xion, Riku is probably the person who can understand her best. He's been there as long as she's been in the Tower. He's been there for the most trying and turbulent parts of her life. He's steadfast, and he's always there. He's a permanent fixture in her life and to a certain extent, Xion takes it for granted that he'll always be there for her. He is an older brother to her as Sora is, but moreso than Sora, she is someone whom she can take refuge with, if she really needs time to feel safe and protected. She hasn't told him some of her own personal conflicts, but this is less of a case of not trusting (though she is nervous what he'll say) and more it never being pertinent to the matter at hand. Regardless, she'll always be grateful for his support, protection, and guidance.

Ira (Riku Replica).
acceptedoblivion / ou.

Prior to meeting Ira, Xion had never known that she was not the only product of the Replica Project. Now that she knows, however, she's almost immediately and unconditionally accepted Ira into her adopted family. She finds him a bit - read: a lot - more difficult to understand than she would have expected, but he's still her "little brother" and she cares about him a great deal. She knows that he's playing the same risky game that Reno was playing with Ganondorf, and is consequently frightened that it will come back to hurt him the way it did her parental figure. More than anything, she wants him to know she'll always be there for him, and is worried about him, though she's not always sure how to express it.

lethechained / ou.

For all that they don't talk a great deal (at least not as much as Xion would like), she trusts Naminé an incredible amount. Some of it comes from the fact that Naminé already knew so much about her without Xion having to fully explain (which is a relief even if Xion won't admit it). But more than that... Naminé has a certain... stoicness about her. She's able to handle things - like seeing Xion's memories of Jason down during the July Infiltration - without panicking or fussing, which can be more than a bit of a relief at times. And she's always welcoming. Really, for as much as Naminé called her brave, Xion thinks she's the brave one.

keybearer / au - antipode.

Xion doesn't know this Riku nearly as well, and to tell the truth sometimes the differences between him and the Riku she's more familiar with are offputting. But still, at the same time, she knows that there's many things the two share - love for their friends and the desire to do what's right, to name the least. While they're not particularly close, they do run into each other often enough that Xion cares a fair bit about him, and trusts him with more information about herself than she would an acquaintance.

earthshards / au - butterfly effect.

Xion has... some mixed and confused feelings about Terra. Physically he reminds her Xemnas a lot, and I mean a lot, moreso than the other Terras she's met (perhaps it's the coat). She also really doesn't feel like she knows him that well, which makes her a little cautious. They've met each other on occasion, but the meetings haven't been too long and never very in-depth, though they have shared some peaceful moments, like when they ate ice cream together after the July infiltration. Unfortunately there just hasn't been enough of those yet to truly foster an in-depth friendship. In the end though, she trusts him because Riku trusts him, and knows that - if she truly ever feels like she needs protection - he is someone she can go to.

humility / ou.


firstnothing / au.


savedbyasong / no. 6.

Shion has become something of a mainstay for Xion in Animus, a presence as constant as Riku. He was her first friend in the Tower, and has been there for her ever since, especially when they both became Turk rookies. While he may be less in the way of physically competent, and a death count that is far, far too high for her liking, he has a competence that is all his own - he has much more medical knowledge than her, and knowledge of non-cafeteria edible foods in the Tower, for instance. In a way, their knowledge and abilities complement each other. His rage and berserker tendencies, partially resulting from his protectiveness of her, concern her a little, as he usually needs her presence to calm down. Meanwhile the aforementioned high death count scares her very much indeed. But for all her fears, he's still someone who - frankly - has become just as important to her as Axel or Roxas was back home, and rather a lot more reliable a presence in the Tower than both.

midgarhorizon / final fantasy vii.

Reno is Xion's father now. It's official. Now that he's back in the Tower, she's still struggling to adjust to the new dynamic. In a way, it's almost become more like parent and teenager rather than parent and child - only Xion wouldn't describe it like that. Knowledge of traditional family "relationships" eludes her, really. So far as Animus goes though, a part of her sort of subconsciously acknowledged that too much has changed for things to go back to the way they used to, but it's still taken her by surprise, especially given Reno's breakdown shortly after arriving. Regardless, she's still more than relieved to have him back, and still looks up to him for support and guidance. Or at least, she will one he's caught up to speed. And hopefully he won't be too angry at her for her death count spike...

provenworth / final fantasy vii.

And if Reno is the closest thing she has to a father, that would make Elena the closest thing she has to a mother. Another friend who's recently returned to the Tower, Xion isn't quite as close to her as she is Reno - yet. She still puts a lot of faith in Elena's leadership and guidance, and is slowly coming to confide some of the secrets of her past and circumstances to her - a process that had started before Elena left the Tower back in April. There's even some small part of her that she doesn't realize is there that really admires and looks up to her. Elena still isn't the first person Xion will think of to go to when she's in trouble, but she's a pretty good contender for second. Which contrary to the popular belief about second place is not a bad thing at all, given how much Xion's likely to keep things to herself anymore. Besides, given that her first is Reno and Reno and Elena are both Turks and married now, asking one for help means the other will likely find out eventually.

Asch "the Bloody".
bloodyashes / tales of the abyss.

Their first meeting was more than a little rocky. After the incredible example that Sora had set for replica/original interactions, Asch's initial callousness towards Luke was almost upsetting for her. Now that time's passed though, she's glad that she was willing to try to look past that and keep talking to him. Now she considers him to be a steadfast ally and someone that she can look up to and feels she can potentially go to if she ever needs help. Particularly while Reno was gone, he was truly the closest thing that she had to a mentor, as opposed to all the people that she kept getting passed around to.

seekinganswers / golden sun & golden sun: the lost age.

Xion's friendship with Sheba blossomed from a chance meeting that Xion is so happy and relieved happened - and not just because Sheba helped her to escape from the Little Finger event. Since then their friendship has grown, something for which Xion has been grateful, especially as Sheba was there during a time when she was losing so many people. They've also been together through a lot, the kind of experiences - like July's infiltration - that have the strong tendency to strengthen bonds. Even the accident with Sheba's mindreading shortly afterwards, rather unexpectedly, caused an increase in trust rather than a loss of it. Xion herself isn't quite sure how that worked, but it did. Another interesting thing to note is that Sheba is pretty much the first - save people from Xion's own universe or alternate timelines of her universe - female friend around her age (physical or actual).

gradosfinest / fire emblem: the sacred stones.

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sageprincess / the legend of zelda: ocarina of time.

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Ganondorf Dragmire.
great_king_of_evil / the legend of zelda: wind waker.

If hate defines as much as love, then Ganondorf is as important a part of Xion's life as Sora. While initially she had no opinion of him, by this point, he's placed himself irrevocably beyond redemption, so far as Xion's concerned. He's attacked her friends, brainwashed them, forced them to kill each other, used her and tortured her to get to said friends, disrupted their wedding, nearly hurt its guests, and so much more, all for his own gains. To Xion, he's done far more than Xemnas has ever done (which just goes to show her limited knowledge as of her canonpoint, but that's a matter for another time). Her hatred and disgust for the Gerudo has reached a point that his mere presence triggers a strong reaction in her, and his support of a plan can turn her against it if no one else is around to try to make her see a more reasonable point of view. She believes that anything he wants or plans is evil, or at best is only done to support his own nefarious purposes, and never for the good of the people of the Tower as a whole. There may be some grain truth to that, but it's still a dangerous mindset for her take.

Lancer (Diarmuid).
oathshackledbird / fate/.

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Saber/Aturia Pendragon.
no_longer_a_king / fate/ (au5).

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Fon Master Ion (Replica).
fragileprophet / tales of the abyss.

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Dark Pit.
alae / kid icarus: uprising.

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ambassadorasshat / tales of the abyss (au).

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flared, got-it-memorized, poisonousflame, fierybeatdown / ou.

To say Xion's feelings about Axel are mixed would be to understate. He is her best friend. He always has been, always will be. That was never the issue. The issue is more that he's become a bit of a revolving door in Animus, a difficult soul for Zo to hold, and each time he returns, he never remembers any of the previous vist. She still sees him as something of a parental/older brother figure, knows he'll answer questions when she has them, and if she needs help, she knows he'll want to help her. The problem is though, it's hard to trust whether someone will be there, when any day it feels like she could walk down to floor 48 and find yet another grave for him there. Only time will tell if she'll be able to overcome this emotional hurdle. If he ever comes back, that is.

lamentless, dualkeys / kingdom hearts ou.

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Xion "Fey".
worldsapart / kingdom hearts (au).

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Yu Narukami.
pitiedthefool / persona 4.

Xion has a lot of feelings about Yu, all of them good ones. He's one of her earlier friends in the Tower, and someone who's been through a lot with her. They've talked together, fought together (including against the deglamoured Jason himself), even got assigned to a blind date together. He's comforted her through many a rough time - particularly after he found out about her death and after Jason's punishment for the infiltration, and she's come to rely on him and trust him a great deal. He means an incredible amount to her, and she wants to help him as much as he's helped her, though he's very good at keeping his troubles to himself. While she may sort of see him as a sort of older brother sometimes, their friendship overall feels a bit different than that. That may be because she might be fostering an on-again-off-again crush on him, but she's generally so oblivious to romance in general that even if she is, she doesn't really realize it.

And now she may never get the chance to. But she's grateful for the time they've spent together, and he is probably the person she misses most - outside of Axel and Roxas - among those who've departed the Tower.


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