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Animus Dream Plotting

A list of dreams/dream sharing that Xion will have for Master Xehanort's plot. Because I feel like writing this down somewhere publicly. The dreams, are currently in no particular order.

Dream #1 - Homesickness (recurring)

Xion's first dream deals with her chronic desire... to really return to simpler times. Twilight Town is the prominent feature, though only the parts she's been to (so the area from Station Plaza down to the Old Mansion, it's never shown if she's been to Sunset Station or not so we'll just omit it for the sake of simplicity). During the dream, Twilight Town itself is freely explorable. The streets are generally deserted, though there are occasional shadowy, indistinct figures wandering around occasionally, with a few exceptions. People Xion recognizes - essentially the Twilight Town trio (though they're still a bit indistinct) and the sea-salt ice cream vendor. If appraoched, the figures don't say or respond to anything, except for the sea-salt ice cream vendor, who gives sea-salt ice cream for a msall amount of munny (the munny will be found inexplicably in a pocket of the person buying).

The dream varies somewhat from iteration to iteration, but it ends with sitting on the top of the Clock Tower eating sea-salt ice cream.

Dream Sharers: Yu Narukami

Dream #2 - A Memory 01

Xion will be reliving the memory of her conversation with Riku on Destiny Islands. The one with the cutscene that I'm too lazy to link right now. Unsure how the presence of a certain someone will affect said dream. Will talk to Rox about it later.

Dream Sharers: Sora [OU] (dream dive interruption)

Dream #3 - The Best for Everyone (Partial Memory)

The dream itself is set on Destiny Islands, at sunset. Xion's visited often enough, though this particular dream will be keyed around the memory of her dream - the one with Roxas and Axel. Part of the Dream/memory will play through, before Xion's dream connects with that of Riku's. And they discuss a few things. Such as the things that need to be done, even at one's own expense.

Dream Sharers: Riku [OU]

Dream #4 - Inevitability

The dream begins as a variation on Dream #1.

Dream Sharers: Sayaka

Dream #5 - Forgotten


Dream Sharers: MM!Link

Dream #6 - Helplessness


Dream Sharers:
Zelda - OoT

Dream #7 - Memory 02

Reliving the memory of the day Axel returned

Dream Sharers: Ventus [Dream Dive interruption]

Dream #8 - idk yet


Dream Sharers:
Tseng [OU]

Dream #9 - Replicas


Dream Sharers: Riku [AU]


Other possible dream topics:
  • Vanitas fears
  • Friendship feelings and those precious to her - Roxas, Axel, Sora, Reno, Shion, Riku, Yu, etc.
  • Loneliness/isolation/being different
  • Not deserving to exist feels
  • Labyrinth nightmares (possibly held)
  • Her very mixed feelings on the Organization (possibly tying into Turk reservations)
  • Memories ("taken" memories omitted)
    • Hazy memories from her first 3-4 weeks of life (not likely candidate for dream sharing)
    • Leaving shells for Roxas
    • Getting her Keyblade back
    • Her fight with Riku
    • Saix calling her a mistake they never should have made
    • "We may be special Roxas, but I don't think we're the same"
    • The day she returns to work after her sleep coma
    • Fighting with Axel at CO/Learning what she is
    • This clusterfuck (not likely candidate for dream sharing)
    • Fighting with Roxas and Axel on Day 298
    • Meeting Sora for the first time in the Tower
    • Vanitas nearly throwing her off the Tower & her subsequent rescue by Sora
    • Meeting Xehanort for the first time
    • Waking up after being rescued from Vanitas' trunk & subsequent conversation with Axel
    • Talking to Yu Narukami and Sora after her outburst on the network
    • Reno and Shion giving her a Turk pin after Axel's departure
    • Gandalf recruiting her to help start the Fellowship
    • Blind date shenanigans

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