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Xion's Mailbox (Animus)

Xion | Room 1-01 | Box 0014
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[A doll with no face. Its dress is bloodstained.]
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[On the 2nd of April, Xion will find a single small envelope Titled READ WHEN ALONE.]
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[On Wednesday, April 10th, Xion will receive a letter.]


If you are getting this, then I am no longer in the Tower. I wish I could have remained to continue to train you and Shion, but it appears the Admins had other things in mind.

Don't ever forget how much you are loved by your friends and family. You are a Turk and you have been trained by Reno - who was one of the best. Never doubt your strength or your capabilities. Inside you is a spark - a fire - that will shine brightly as you continue to train and grow in your abilities.

I have enjoyed watching you grow into a wonderful young lady. You are your own person, and don't let anybody tell you otherwise. Believe in yourself and nobody can drag you down. Also, please watch over Shion and be good to him. You two are partners, you can and should rely on one another during times of trouble and crisis.

I am very proud to have known you.

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Delivered May 2nd

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[A note and a single deku nut.]

I know your offer of assistance has been long-standing, and I do appreciate it, despite not being able to vocalize it in light of recent events. However, I know of a way you can help now. Meet me in the women's bathing room tomorrow (the 3rd). Make certain you aren't followed. If need be, throw this deku nut on the ground to stun and blind the retrieval unit momentarily. It will create a bright flash of light, so close your eyes when you do.

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anonymous note

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[There are only two things written on an otherwise blank sheet of paper: a single line of text in the middle and a two-word prompt in the bottom right corner.]

What do clouds wear under their shorts?
(Turn over -->)

[The little arrow compels you! Do it, do it!]


You probably noticed that shit kind of hit the fan in a pretty disturbing way recently. Or maybe you somehow missed it, and if that's the case then you might want to ask somebody about that because light sure was shed on a couple of things this month! I don't know how long you've been here, so I am not sure if you are used to to the fact that things around here are basically terrible most of the time. (spoilers if you're new, I'm sorry) But even if you have been here since the beginning, this was kind of a whole new level of Fucked Up. Am I right? Of course I am. But the purpose of this letter isn't to focus on all the bad things, just the opposite.

I don't know who you are, and truth be told, I picked your mailbox at random. (Maybe you should look into gambling, your luck levels are obviously INSANE.) But I sent you this letter to tell you not to give up. I know everything seems pretty hopeless right now, and that it's like there are dark clouds no matter where you look. But I promise you, this isn't the end. The sun is still out there behind all those big, dark clouds and their thunderpants. Maybe Ruana is right and the end is in a year, or maybe we will totally wreck her plans and end it sooner, I don't know. But I do know this: if at any point you give up, you will never make it that far. Things aren't going to go the way she wants, because her ending is the shittier than the joke I used to get your attention. And we can write a much better ending than that.

Everything is going to be ok. So don't lose hope, don't give up, and most importantly: don't forget how to smile.

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July 28th

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[ A couple hours after the network post was deleted by Riki, an envelope was delivered to her mailbox. The envelope contained a complete transcript of his conversation with Ruana, as well as a brief letter explaining what they did and how they managed to speak to "someone" through the 037.exe file.

While the letter is not signed, names used for the transcript are "E. Brown" for his lines and "Ruana (?)" for the others. ]
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[A marionette. It's missing one arm, but there are enough strings that its every little movement can be controlled. It has Xion's hairstyle but a blank face.]
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deer xion

i dont know if you are still littler than fourteen but if you ares then we got another meeting, its at the ball pit floor tomorrow

see you there

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We do not know each other very well, but from what little I have seen you have impressed me very much. You are strong, brave, and determined and have a bright future as a leader.

No matter what happens from here on out, do not let them crush that light I've seen in you. You deserve so much more than this Tower offers.
--Saber of White
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I'm not good at speaking. I'm pretty bad at it. I got this problem with using humor to avoid saying what I really feel. I guess what I'm trying to say is, sorry I'm not around as much, and I'm proud of you. You've been through more than a lot of the other Turks have back home. You're a strong girl so don't let your head down, because you're not just a Turk, but [there's some crossed out, illegible words here] my daughter. [The way it's written, it's obvious he'd gotten frustrated, and hastily scribbled it out in one cringing-awkward go.]

If you got to cry again, do it with your back straight and your head up. Make them see who you really are.

[There is no signature. Just a large mess of awkwardness.]
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[Xion gets a small box in the mail with various mushrooms, packets of herbs, and a few root vegetables. The handwriting on the box is Reno's, though he doesn't sign any "From" tag. It's not ice cream, but it's the best he can do for non-pumpkin items.]
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Sent the 19th

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[A small box of seashells of all types, gathered from the Tower.]
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Hey, Xion. It's my nephew's birthday this weekend, and I'm throwing a party for him on the meadow floor. Wanna come? You can bring all your friends.

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dated Dec 7

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There's more leather up in the kitchen floor for you. I know you've been busy, Sweets, just wanted to send you a note and something I found. Don't forget to eat.


[Attached is one fan-shaped seashell. There is a dark mottling on the shell that makes it look like it has a heart painted on it.]
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[this note is in lots of colourful crayons, in handwriting which is childish but neat.]

deer everyone

i am riting a book on all the heros of the tower so that no one gets forgotted. but i dont know everyone and i dont want anyone to be missed out

so if you would like to can you please say who you fink is the best hero you know and what makes them a hero

you can do more than one name if you want

please send yore answers to romeo

or to room number two on floor one

thank you


[There are pictures at the end of smiling faces]
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[on her door or bed]

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How's things?

There's some dried jerky in my trunk if you get hungry and you're not feeling up to walking.

I sent a letter to Enoch and Zelda asking about staffing kitchen 60 and if there's anyone willing to help with making cloaks so you don't have to work so hard this month.

Take it easy.

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delivered on April 2nd

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[A pink-red flower surrounded by a few smaller yellow ones and tied together with a thin piece of twine nicked from the workshop. Xion might have seen similar ones in the meadows before (though, being from an unfamiliar world, she won't have a name for them), but these have been meticulously taken care of in a way that suggests they did not come from somewhere so 'wild.' The chaotic weather recently hasn't been friendly to fragile plants such as these, either.

There's a note underneath them, and the writing inside should be at least a little familiar.]


It seems as though it has been an eternity since Gandalf called us together that day. We have seen so much, done so much, it is difficult to believe how long it has actually been. I know I may not be among those you consider your family, but in that time I have also seen you grow so much. You are so strong and brave, even if you do not believe me when I say as much. And despite all this place has put you through, you have not let it embitter you. It is admirable.

Thank you, for all you have done. I will not forget you, no matter what happens.

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note, delivered the morning of June 1st

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cut one two three four five
a little more you're still alive

[The poem is written in blood.]
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[Xion receives a paper that appears to have been entirely soaked in fresh, dripping blood. She will receive no further response.]