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Xion's History

I am never, ever satisfied with the history sections I've seen in her wiki entries, and since so many games require history sections, this is very problematic. This is a history that I wrote myself for an alternate wiki project that never really got off the ground.

To anyone it may concern: You may hereby use this history for your own applications that allow linked histories. Just DO NOT claim as your own. Credit this account or [personal profile] gorsecloud or better yet, just link this post in your app.


In 358/2 Days

Xion was created less than a week after Roxas was born, and was introduced to the Organization as the 14th member on Day 7. For a while she is trained separately, and prepared for the purpose the Organization wishes to use her for. Shortly after Axel leaves for Castle Oblivion, the Organization pairs Xion with Roxas during missions in the hopes of transferring Roxas' Keyblade to her. This arrangement continues for a few days, until eventually Xion removes her hood, and later gains control of the Keyblade, making the transferal a success. After that point, Xion and Roxas began meeting up at the Clock Tower after work.

When Roxas falls comatose due to the events of Chain of Memories, Xion visits him in his room and leaves shells she's collected by his pillow.

Roxas eventually wakes up, and around the exact same time, Xion loses control of her ability to use the Keyblade, making her unable to complete the mission she is on. She stays out in the field for several days, until Roxas Axel come and help her out. Afterwards, they get her to admit that she can't use the Keyblade anymore, and Axel suggests that she and Roxas pair up on missions to disguise that fact until she can regain control of it. Axel also agrees to be her friend, allowing him to see her true face.

The next day, Xion and Roxas begin pairing up on missions, and meeting Axel afterwards for sea-salt ice cream. This continues for a few weeks, until Saix begins to suspect that something's off. On their last day of working together, Roxas gives Xion his Keyblade, in the hopes that it will jog her memory of how to summon hers. The plan works, and they return happily to business as usual the day after that.

This pattern continues for a while, until Xion is sent on a mission to eliminate the Organization imposter. She loses the fight and trades words with the imposter afterwards - during which he calls her Keyblade a sham. Between this, an unsettling set of dreams she's beginning to have, and Saix's cruel words in the face of the results of her mission, Xion becomes upset, and stops visiting Roxas and Axel at the clock Tower.

Xion continues to avoid her friends until she ends up failing a mission a second time and falling into a coma. She wakes up a few weeks later to find Roxas leaving shells by her pillow the way she did his. That same day, she attempts to go out on a mission with Roxas and Axel, only to collapse halfway through. Saix mocks her failure, but both Roxas and Axel - Saix's old friend - come to her defense. It's unclear when exactly she comes to, but she does wake up in time to hear Axel say considers both of them his best friends.

As time passes, Xion's dreams become more frequent and intense, and she begins remembering things in her waking moments too. It's enough that she starts questioning herself, who she was, and her place in the Organization. It finally reaches the point where she hacks into the Organization's computer and traces her origins back to Castle Oblivion. She goes there, ignoring and defying orders, to try to find answers. She meets Axel there, and he tells her to go home, but she refuses, instead fleeing further into the Castle.

From there, she finds out the truth about herself - that she is a replica and the memories she's experiencing (those of a boy named Sora) are not hers. According to the novels and manga, she passes out shortly afterwards and is found - unconscious - by Riku. When she comes to, she finds herself in a bedroom (Riku's) in Hollow Bastion. She leaves begins to wander around the worlds. While visiting Destiny Islands, she gets caught up in a tangle of memories of those nearby her and falls unconscious. When she comes to, she realizes that she was saved (somehow) by the Organization impostor. He reveals himself to be Riku, Sora's friend.

She and Riku talk, and Riku explains that some of Sora's memories are trapped inside her, making Sora unable to wake up. He offers to let her give the memories inside of her back to Sora then and there, but she refuses, saying her friends still needed her. Riku then suggests she take some time to think about it, and the two travel together for a little while.

Eventually, Roxas and Axel spot her with Riku in Twilight Town on accident, and Xion wonders if she should go back. The next day, Roxas attacks, thinking she's the Organization impostor. She reveals herself to him, and Roxas tries to convince her to come back to the Organization, but confused and unsure, she refuses, even to the point of summoning her Keyblade to force Roxas to back off. At that point, Axel arrives and Xion attacks him, and in the ensuing fight she is knocked out and taken back to the Organization.

Xion rejoins missions, though after one time on Day 300, she stops visiting the clock tower. After a few weeks though, it becomes clear that something is wrong with Roxas, and when she asks Axel about it, he tells her that she's slowly absorbing his powers, and if something doesn't happen, one of them - most likely Roxas - will die. At the same time, he gives her her own choice, telling her "you're no puppet in my book."

Matters finally come to a head a few weeks later when the Organization sends her on a mission to eliminate a powerful Heartless in Halloween Town. Halfway through the fight, Axel interrupts and reveals that the mission was a setup by the Organization, and her true opponent is Roxas. That evening, she shares one last afternoon of sea-salt ice cream with her friends, treasuring the moment. At this point, Xion resolves to give the memories inside her back to Sora and save Roxas.
The next day, Xion is sent on a mission with Axel and Xigbar. Instead of working as per normal, she attacks Xigbar and convinces Axel to let her escape, so that she can do what she needs to do to protect her friends and everything she cares about.

She runs into Riku at Beast's Castle, who upon hearing her decision tells her to go to Twilight Town to meet a girl named Namine. She does so, an Namine explains to her that because she is made of Sora's memories, when she gives them back to Sora, not only will she cease to exist, but every memory of her will disappear. Xion replies that she already knows and is willing to accept these conditions. Just as she is about to go meet Sora, though, DiZ appears and announces that the Organization has tracked them down and accuses Xion of leading them there. In response, Xion runs out to face whoever it is and drive them away.

Once outside, she meets Axel, who has been sent to return her to the Organization. She explains that she's decided to return to Sora. Axel refuses to accept this, vowing to "always be there to bring you [Xion and Roxas] back." They fight, and Xion loses, and is taken back to the Organization. At that point, Xemnas takes Xion from a worn-out Axel and reprograms her with Sora's memories to use the machines planted throughout the worlds to attack Roxas and destroy him.

The next day, she meets Roxas on top of the clock tower, and the two share one last sea-salt ice cream. Once finished, Xion reveals that because of all the memories inside of her, she has taken on Sora's appearance, and explains that her time is up. At that point, she transforms into a puppetlike creature and attacks him, claiming she needed to destroy him and absorb his memories to become complete. However, in truth she attacked him not to destroy him, but to be destroyed by him.

After a long fight in many different worlds, Xion loses, and transforms back into her normal self. Roxas catches her as she falls, and holds her as she speaks to him - telling how she's returning to Sora, that he - Roxas - is better off like this, and that she will always be his and Axel's best friend. As a final request, she asks him to set the hearts she's collected for Kingdom Hears free. At that point, she dies and vanishes, leaving behind a single Thalassa Shell.

The next day, Xion "speaks" to both Riku and Roxas, pleading with the former to stop Roxas from charging into the Organization to destroy Kingdom Hearts and comforting the latter as best she can. It is unclear how she is able to do this.


In coded/Re:coded

While Xion herself does not appear in the game, when Data-Sora touches and experiences the painful memories of those Sora has in his heart, Xion is one of the people he sees. Data-Sora does not recognize her, but does acknowledge that she is familiar and is able to realize that "something horrible happened."


In Dream Drop Distance

When Xigbar traps Sora in a dream in The World that Never Was (though Sora does not realize it), the first person that Sora meets is Xion. At first he mistakes her for Namine, but is quickly surprised when he sees her true face. He begins to cry, and Xion pulls out of his grip and flees. It's currently unclear (and up to fan speculation) whether this was actually Xion or a dream representation of her based on her memories in Sora's heart.

Later, when Riku enters Sora's heart to free him from sleep and answers three questions, Xion is one of the people who asks a question. As with the meeting with Sora, it's unclear whether it's actually her or some sort of representation.