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I'm sorry kid

MORE CANON FIC, very likely to be edited because I don't like how the second half went. Dated April 10th or 11th-ish.


It certainly wasn't the first day that Xion had woken up in an overcrowded bed, and she had been certain it wouldn't be the last. She'd long since gotten used to Sora sending over his Meow Wow, Excalibur, to keep her company. After he found out about all the nightmares she tended to have, from her various experiences in the Tower, he'd insisted. Part of her wished he wouldn't. She'd much rather he keep the effect the Dream Eater had for himself - he deserved it more.

But then again, he wouldn't be Sora, if he did. And given that Excalibur was probably the only reason she slept much these days - her nightmares were particularly bad now, with the Tower's ultimate destruction so near - she didn't press the issue too hard.

Yawning, she stretched, and despite her care dislodged Sunny, who'd been draped over her knees. A mumbled apology and several seconds creative wriggling, and Xion had managed to extricate herself from the pile (Thalassa preferred to curl up around Xion's head on her pillow, and Excalibur just squeezed in wherever there was room, Light only knows how they managed the nights when Shion slept over).

Her morning routine continued as normal after that. She got dressed, trying not to disturb her roommates too much. Slipped out and down the hallway to the bathroom to get cleaned up. By the time she got back, her bed's other occupants were starting to move about.

"C'mon guys, time to get up," Xion said with a faint grin. Thalassa stretched languidly, as cats are wont to do. Sunny slithered to the floor, looking very much like he didn't want to be up yet. Excalibur, meanwhile, rolled right over obligingly and hopped to the floor, squeaking happily. Giggling, Xion reached down and patted him on the head.

"Say thank you to Sora for me, okay?" she told him, and with an confirmatory chirrup, the Dream Eater trotted out of the open door.

It was an exchange that had happened dozens of times before. Therefore it was a surprise when Excalibur caught up with her before she even made it to the stairs. She heard a loud whimper, turned around, and saw the Dream Eater there, staring up at her.

Frowning, she leaned forward and rubbed his head. "Hey, what's wrong?" He didn't reply - not that he really could - beyond making more sounds, whines and distressed squeaks. Xion felt a knot form in her chest without really understanding why. "C'mon, let's go see Sora."

Xion led him back down the hall, towards Sora's room which wasn't very far, at least. He trotted along behind her easily enough, up until they reached Sora's door, where he hung back.

"C'mon," Xion said reassuringly, waving the little dream eater towards her as she turned to knock. "Let's get you back-"

But even as she lifted her hand to rap on the door a single time, something caught her eye. Something that made her freeze. The nameplate, next to the door to room 1-06.

Kidou Yuuto
David Puskás
Jade Curtiss

Three names.

Three names, and Sora's wasn't among them.

Xion felt the breath desert her lungs. It couldn't be. Not now. Not after all this time. Not after Zo said he wouldn't bring anybody else here ever again.

She turned, opening a corridor as she moved, barely even noticing how Excalibur bounced in after her. Following her. She exited at the Graveyard, some fifty floors below. She scoured the familiar stones and mausoleums. Looking for anything new, different. Anything that hadn't been there before. It didn't take her long to find what she was looking for.

Xion slowly sank to her knees in front of Sora's gravestone, blinking hard.

He was gone. He was really gone, and never coming back.

Part of her still didn't want to believe it. Sora had been there longer than she had. How... how could he have so suddenly become hard for Zo to hold? She was numb with shock.

The question of "what was she going to do" only crossed her mind for a moment. She knew what they had to do, now more than ever. Even if they saved the Tower, they had to find some way to fix the worlds. Some way to save those still left behind. It was all she could really think to do.

She didn't know what else to do so... she would do what she could. To help him. To save him like he'd saved her.

Why him though? It should have been her, he deserved better than that.

There was a bump against her elbow and a small squeak. Xion turned and saw Excalibur there. She lifted her arm, and the Dream Eater snuggled up against her.

"We'll save him," she said to him quietly, rubbing his side, "Don't worry."

She just hoped she was right.