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How's My Driving

See some aspects of her personality that I need to show more? Think that there's something I've been doing recently that's off? Read something you loved and wanted to let me know? Whatever your reasons, if you've got a comment on how I play Xion, feel free to let me know here!

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Name: Gorse
Contact:, [ profile] gorsecloud [personal profile] gorsecloud
Are you over 17?: Yep
Characters in Forest Covered: n/a

This is going to be so long oh my god I'm so sorry )
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Mostly Xion-centric for obvious reasons but I will be trying to do all the Days trio. Will add onto this as I get more characters iconed.

Xion: 25 icons (17 + 8 variations)

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Table of Contents

General Notes
Arrival: January 28th, 2012
Birthday: April 8th (actual), November 18th (chosen)
Current Age: 2 years
Visits home: None
Job: Gravekeeper
Member of: Turks (rookie), Fellowship of Animus (defunct, co-founder), Pandora (member), Ragnarok (founding member)
Family: On October 1st 2013, Reno ([personal profile] midgarhorizon ) and Elena ([personal profile] provenworth ) officially adopted Xion and Shion  
Pets: a tortiseshell female cat named Thalassa, given to her by Data ([personal profile] littlelifeforms) (one of Spot's kittens), a Dusk that goes by the name of Sunny (received as a regain), and a Meow Wow named Excalibur, previously belonged to Sora ([personal profile] derping)

  1. October 2012, due to not collecting enough candy in time for the Halloween event and being consequently crushed by her costume
  2. April 2013, At Axel's hands during a malfunction during the Rebellion event
  3. April 2013, At Guy Cecil's hands during a malfunction during the Rebellion event
  4. June 2013, From injuries sustained during a fight with some of the monsters during the barricade log in the Idealism event
  5. July 16 2013, From late-stage tuburculosis, contracted when she was struck by a Revanent during her punishment for participation in the Hacking player plot
  6. July 20 2013, From a botched attepmt to escape floor 52 with Sheba
  7. July 29 2013, From vivisection administered by Jason himself, as a punishment for infiltrating the administrative levels
  8. September 28th/29th 2013, From being dragged through a closed door as punishment for arguing with Van and consequently being too loud during the Quarantine event
  9. December 22nd 2013, From undetermined causes (not fully resolved due to inability to play out), but presumably Jason's killswitch after she confronted him.
  10. January 2nd 2014, From being buried alive due to shirking Gravekeeping duties too much.
(please note that an asterisk denotes objects she had on her in some form or fashion during the whale attack)

From home:
    • 1 Organization Coat* (has subsequently been half-destroyed during a fight)
    • 2 Full changes of clothing (1 was worn during whale attack)
    • 1 personal journal
    • 1 pen
    • 1 set of shells given to her by Roxas, carefully wrapped up* (one shell is in fragments and another one missing from when Vanitas stole them, and four more missing from being given to Ira, Zo, Reno, and Sheba, respectively. The bag they came to the Tower in has been replaced)
    From the Tower:
    • A new bag - larger, a little sturdier*
    • A cordlike belt that the bag attaches to*
    • A paper crane and paper songbird from Yu Narukami (in the bag)*
    • A Turk pin given to her by Reno ([personal profile] midgarhorizon )*
    • Several empty shells collected from the Aquarium (10th) floor
    • Several small sewing projects of varying skill and quality
    • 1 overlarge sleeveless white shirt (used as a nightdress)
    • 2 normal-sized t-shirts - one white, one light blue
    • 1 red sweater of the warmest fabric she could find in the Tower
    • simple blue dress made for her by Kanji Tatusmi
    • The Stone Mask, given to her by Link ([personal profile] childhero )
    • The Great Fairy's Sword, given to her by Link ([personal profile] childhero )
    • A wood carving by Link ([personal profile] childhero ), which can be used as a keychain for her Keyblade (keyblade name/description here when Mala and I decide upon it)
    • One pair of P4-style glasses from Teddie (with the associated ability to see through Izanami's fog)
    • One stat-boosting ring from home, specifically Full Circle (Regain from Halloween Event)
    • 1 copy of Vexen's notes about her/her creation (Regain from Christmas)
    • 1 old woman's little finger (left hand) and a note reading "don't waste your gift" (from escaping the Little Finger event, cannot be destroyed/will always return to Xion's room)
    • A copy of Reno's journal written on Tower paper, given to her by Shion ([personal profile] savedbyasong)
    • 1 Deku Nut, given to her by Zelda
    • 1 drawing of herself, Roxas and Axel done by Namine (regain from Rebellion [April] event)
    • A yellow dress that she made herself
    • A replacement Organization Coat (regain from Quarantine [September] event)
    • A box of shells that Reno sent her
    • Dozens glittering, glowing exotic shells from Zo
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The Character Expression Meme

Character: Xion
Journal: [personal profile] attheclocktower
RPG: [community profile] towerofanimus


Snag yourself the coding here.
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Going to try keeping a record of my threads again.

[DATE] - Linked Description (chars involved) - notes, witty things

Tower of Animus

Cut for length )

Memes & Things

This Xion account is involved in a PSL with [personal profile] fabrecation, which has its own separate thread tracking.


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