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Name: Gorse
Contact:, [ profile] gorsecloud [personal profile] gorsecloud
Are you over 17?: Yep
Characters in Forest Covered: n/a

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Player Information

Name: Gorse
Personal LJ: [personal profile] gorsecloud
Age: 20
Contact Info: gorsethewarrior (AIM),, gorsecloud (plurk)
Other Characters Played: n/a

Character Information

Character Name: Xion
Character Series: Kingdom Hearts
Character Age: <1 year (14 physically)
Character Gender: Female
Original Canon
Canon Point: Day 300 - (The day when she returns to work after having been forcibly returned to the Organization)
Background Link:
Personality: Xion's whole life has been marked by struggle - one of discovering and establishing her own identity throughout her short life thus far. Saix tells her throughout the game that she is a broken tool, a mistake the Organization should never have made. On some level, she believes it, calling herself "an affront", especially upon finding out the problems her existence have created for Roxas and Sora.

Xion tends to prefer dealing with her problems on her own. Generally in Days, when something is bothering her, she tends to withdraw, either avoiding Roxas and Axel and spending more time in her room, or just generally not being very responsive. When trying to make her decision about whether to return to Sora or not, she ends up avoiding her friends at the Organization.

She also struggles with more difficult decisions, such as the one Riku presented her, returning to Sora or not. She's still very young when you get ride down to it, and has no memories of her own or experience to really help guide her in these instances. Those whom she's occasionally asked for help - such as Axel - don't always have a lot to offer in advice, especially when she's struggling with her emotions, or Sora's memories surfacing inside her.

Work-wise, she's actually quite diligent. She's fairly consistently described as working hard on her missions, and when the Organization was given a day off, she elects to use it to train. While this may seem like an ordinary good quality by itself, there's a bit more to it than that. It's actually the result of some of her fears and insecurities - she will only exist so long as she is useful to the Organization, and will be destroyed if she ever loses her usefulness. As such, she constantly feels a need to prove that usefulness, resulting in the apparent diligence she displays in her Organization work throughout the game.

She's less comfortable and a lot more reserved around those she isn't as familiar with - to the point where she doesn't take her hood off in front of Axel until he admits he sees her as a friend.

Once they get to that point though, her friends are incredibly precious to her, and she values them more than almost anything else. They're the reason she balks when Riku first suggests she return the memories inside of her to Sora. Simply put, in her short existence thus far, her friends - Roxas and Axel - have been the main (if not the only) positive influence in her life. They laugh with her over silly things, help explain things that she's not sure about, and even though she's not always upfront with them about her problems, when she does finally admit them, they've helped her however they could. And most importantly, her time with them make up virtually all of the happy memories that are her own, not Sora's.

Abilities: First and foremost is her ability to wield the Keyblade, which is Kingdom Hearts's equivalent of a sword, and one of the most effective weapons against Heartless. Additionally, it has the power to lock or unlock just about anything.

She's also fairly proficient at different kinds of magic, given that it was her main method of fighting during the period where she'd lost her Keyblade. Her specialties, judging by how she uses magic in-game, are Fire and Blizzard-related spells, though Kingdom Hearts has spells for Thunder, Aero (Wind), and Cure as well (not to mention as their respective powered-up levels).

In game, she's shown being able to teleport small distances. Additionally, she can use darkness corridors to be able to cross greater distances quickly, including move between worlds, though those particular capabilities will no doubt be disabled while in Animus. Note that traveling the darkness corridors can have a detrimental effect on those who stay in them too long without a black coat, excluding those whose hearts have a strong presence of light (i.e. one of the princesses of Heart).

Additionally, I'm not sure where to note this, but because of the nature of what Xion is and what she's become - a replica who has absorbed and is shaped by Sora's memories, her appearance has the potential to change depending on who sees her based on their relation to her and to Sora/the people Sora is connected to. For instance, Saix, who refuses to think of her as more than a broken tool, only ever sees a hooded doll. Meanwhile, Xigbar has seen her as Ventus, and it's implied that Xemnas sometimes sees her as Sora. Her default appearance, however - to those who have accepted her as herself - is incredibly similar to that of Kairi from the first Kingdom Hearts game, only with black hair. That's because, when they began influencing Xion, Sora's most powerful memories were those of Kairi.

Sample Entry:

She wasn't sure what to think of being here, at the Tower. Things had been happening so fast back home. She'd been trying to think of what to do, whether to take Riku's offer or not, then Axel had brought her back to the Organization, and then, she'd scarcely finished a somewhat unwilling day's work, before... here.

Were their worlds really gone? She'd tried opening a darkness portal, to somewhere - The World that Never Was, Twilight Town, Agrabah, Wonderland... every time she tried, nothing happened. It was unnerving. She'd never had one of her powers suddenly stop working like that, save the time she'd lost the Keyblade. It didn't help the helpless, guilty feeling gnawing at her. Was there really nothing they could do, or could've done? If she'd just taken Riku's offer, and gone to Sora, would this never have happened? It did no good to what-if herself to death, and yet it was so hard not to.

She couldn't even talk to her friends about it, much. Axel wasn't here, and Roxas... Roxas didn't even remember. Riku did at least, but he wasn't the one she'd spent so many days, sitting on the clock tower eating sea salt ice cream. He'd helped her back home, but he'd had Sora to look after too, and the knowledge that holding his memories inside of her was keeping him from waking up... it'd made things awkward at best, for her.

Though here, did something like that really matter anymore? It was hard to tell.

Then there was the Tower itself. Dangerous and terrifying, and not in the way Halloweentown was the few times she'd been there. At Halloweentown, it was the kind of place where something scared you, but then later you looked back and laughed, because it was really just a prank or joke. Here... even the Heartless she'd seen were so much more dangerous than back home. She still had her Keyblade at least, and would do anything to defend her friends, even if they didn't remember her, but it still wasn't a pleasant place to be.

There was nothing else they could really do about it though. If their worlds were destroyed, and there was no way out... She'd talk to Riku and the others maybe, find... something to do while they figured things out.


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